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I'd Rather Be Skinny

Oct 12 '11

Day 18 (and day 2 of feeling like crap)

I am just wrecked. Today was just cardio recovery - I did do the workout but I just wanted to b*t&h and moan the whole time. Don’t know why I’m in this energy slump. I had a good breakfast - two eggs scrambled with jalapenos, onions, a mushroom, vegan cheese, and taco sauce on top of a whole wheat tortilla (basically right out of the insanity food guide except I added vegan cheese and vegetables!) 

For lunch, a can of Amy’s Organic Lentil Soup. Snack was a Lara Bar. Dinner was another mexican breakfast burrito and, yes, I did eat up the rest of that f$ckin’ potato salad from last night but it was hardly enough to write home about. That’s three meals and a snack - all super healthy except for the tater salad. You’d think I’d be energized. Lots of water… a coffee….a cup of green tea. Seriously? How can I feel so freakin’ tired!?!?!

Looks like I just did a “What I ate Wednesday”. Whatever. Going to bed ya’ll!

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